C’est moi

I’m an interaction Designer and writer, performance poet and spoken word artist. I’m a dancer and photographer and I’m a bit paradoxal in my behavioral patterns. I’m a hardcore feminist, in many ways. Yes, I have been called feminazi. And yes, I’d like to smack that bitch up with a stick who said that.
I believe that social democracy is as close to “nice” we can get, and not because I like it, but because people are greedy and horrible and not at all helpfull and unselfish. There is no way of ever getting a functinal socialistic society. I have officially given up on humanity. And myself, because you know, I like money too.
I think Richard Dawkins should be president of the United States (yeah, Obama seems OK, but he is christian) and I think Israel was a really lousy idea even though I don’t defend the violence used by any part.
I dream in bad rhymes (I do, this night I dreamed I was rhyming separation and preparation) and that I forgot my camera, every night I see pictures in my mind that I want to preserve for the morning. I get caught up in reality sometimes. And I get caught up in other things. I have myspace and facebook and whatnot. I have Language is a virus tattooed on my wrist, and I know theres a canadian guy who thought of doing the same, just to prove my point. I have many things, most of all I have opinions.



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