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October 24, 2009 § 1 Comment

Can someone please help me calm down? seriously, how can people propagate against doing abortions when the reason is that the foetus will become a child with handicaps? Aren’t you forgetting it’s still a foetus? It’s part of the womans body and it’s her right to decide what to do with her body? How can it be morally wrong to do abortion if the foetus displays possible symptoms of developing downs syndrom… if deep down, you don’t think it’s wrong to abort in general? I mean, disease and handicap is one of the more easily defendable reasons!

I was on my way to do an abortion last spring, but my body got rid of it without the help of a doctor. For me it was the simplest choice. I just didn’t want a child. I don’t even like children. I wasn’t sad, it wasn’t a hard choice, the minute I realized I might be pregnant (period was 4 days late) I got a test, checked and booked a time to make an abortion. I didn’t even at all think about “keeping it”. Afterwards, any regrets? No, none at all.

I know friends who actually wanted children, who found the abortion thing (if they done one) sort of sad, in terms of it being sad because it reminded them that they can’t have children just yet, or whatever. But not one of them regretting making an abortion.

Their reason? Wrong time in life. My reason? Don’t like babies, wrong time in life, freaks out when thinking about having some tiny alien in my stomach ruling my life and being all icky and covered in horrible fluid stuff just gushing around in there… oh god. UH. Anyhow. And this far no one claimed this being wrong of me. As long as it a potentially healthy potential child I aborted, people agree that it’s my choice and my body.

But if I’d say: No, I’ll abort this one because it’s a boy (I really do have a problem with baby boys. If I dislike babies, I dislike boys even more. I have no idea why.), people would be all over the place throwing rocks and tomatoes and whatnots at me.

If I’d abort a foetus because it’ll most likely have a handicap that will make it’s life harder, shorter.. And my life and my partners will also be harder, etc. People would get the crazies. Obviously, if you decide to have a child by pregrancy (not adopting or other ways, surrogats, you know, stuff like that) you have to take what you are given. As soon as you say “I want children”, you loose your right to your body.You loose your right to decide about your own future, because you said the magic worlds. If you want children, you can’t in anyway say that you’d prefer a healthy child for example, because you don’t think you would be able to give a sick child a good life, or a mentally challenged child, or a handicapped child…

No, no, that’s morally wrong.

I don’t get this, at all. How can something like knowing your own limits and acting according to that knowledge, be wrong? How can it be wrong to not force a child to grow up in an enviroment not suited for them, not able to provide them with what they need to be happy?

Why does the magic words “I want kids” take away all your own rights to a happy fulfilling life?


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