Today: Classes

January 22, 2009 § 2 Comments

So, in 20 minutes I’m going out to skurups folkh√∂gskola to go to class, for the first time since octobre (wasn’t it?). It’s gonna feel good to shake the brain a little and get going. In the mean time while I’m away over the day, read this about how to snub anti-abortionists. Although I know a few complete wankers who would say that killing someone who made an abortion is righteous in the name of god and shyte like that. I really hope that god is an individual thing, because if he is, I’ll turn back into dirt and join the earth and stop existing and all that stuff atheist do (more sort of non-do), while those people will more likely burn in eternal embarrassment for being so horribly dumb and utterly damn rotten to the core. Who are you to judge? Such twats. Ok, yes yes, I’m getting upset.

Besides that I’ve watched Stephen Hawkins and The Theory Of Everything. Lovely. I’ll link the google vid to you later if there is one.

See you later everyone.


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