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  • That smarter people than me believe in a god doesn’t mean there is a god. As we say, even the sun has it’s spots. Smart people can be wrong about things, they are humans too.
  • Humans cannot imagine complex processes without animating the objects and processes. That’s why they need god. If something more complex than you is out there, it’s hard to imagine it being mindless. We still seems to be stuck in the idea that we are the highest life form, or rather the best life form.
  • People are scared. So they take to religion.
  • I’m a crappy atheist. Why? Becaus I’m convinced that there is no god. This makes me bad.
  • I still haven’t finished cleaning up my apt.
  • When reading comment sections on other atheist blogs, I laugh at the ID-people. Then I realise I know people here, at home, in my own country who thinks like that. If any thing scares me, it’s that. I hate remembering how stupid people are.
  • I really need to clean.

Biblical literalism

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Or, to put it another way: The only people who doesn’t think of religion as a pick’n’mix… What a lovely bunch they are.

Unreasonable faith published a wonderful clip on literalism. Here you go (for the ones of you too lazy to click the link):

Beyond beliefs

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I’m watching beyond belief, the forth session. Scary enough 98% of people think they are more intelligent than the average. “Which means that 50% are delusional about their own stupidity” to paraphrace Ramachandran.

He is by the way my new hero, hilariously cynical humour. Why haven’t I heard about him before?


Later in the same episode: Christian with freakishly bad haircut talking about meditating while going through emotional bumpiness and getting a vision “directed at him”. I’m gonna be bold here and state that very few people have visions that are meant for someone else.

“Yeah, I had this vision yesterday while I was praying, but I don’t think it was for me, the neighbour must have had an epiphany at the same time, you know, that stuff can be contaigious sometimes.”

“No, you know, I saw these bunnies and then some words, I think that vision was for my daughter, our names are similar, so maybe it got sent to the wrong person”

Also, I don’t get it why people can’t just except that their minds thinks up a lot of weird things, and some of it will feel like somebody else thought it for you. Normally I would have explained it with the fact that the subconsious stores a lot of knowledge and associations that we in our normal state of mind can’t get to, and under certain circumstances like extra stress etc, we are more bound to let down that wall between the senses and let some other things then normal logic through (yah, notice how very seldom someone has a vision when NOT under stress. “Oh, I was feeling completely ok with everything and was happy in an average way. And then I had a vision, without any hightened sense of awareness.”), but after watching so much talks about neuroscience, I don’t dare even trying to explain anything anymore. I think it was something about isolating different parts of the brain and constructing islands of activity to create that feeling of that it isn’t your own thoughts, I think…


Later again, I read a it about the myth of the hymen in human females. Yeah, go with you and read about it, because it is a myth, the notion that this would be something covering the vaginal opening. It’s a fold of mucous membrane at the most, if it at all should count as a separate part of female genitalia, and if the female is properly aroused before penetration, it will not restrict it, cause pain or bleed.

It’s a fake body part, made up as a way of controling female sexuality. Lovely.

“In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, medical researchers have used the presence of the hymen, or lack thereof, as founding evidence of physical diseases such as “womb-fury“. If not cured, womb-fury would, according to these early doctors, result in death.[22] The cure, naturally enough, was marriage, since a woman could then go about having sexual intercourse on a “normal” schedule that would stop womb-fury from killing her, hence opening her hymen.” /wikipedia on hymen.

Odin? Why not.

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I remember when I was around eight years old and had learned about the old norse mythology in school. Our teacher was a christian, so she tried to make us that too.. But she was ill for a week, and Marie, a young woman, was filling in. She told us about other religions, and also said that you can believe what you want to, and that there are religions nobody believes in anymore.

That afternoon I was out walking with my mom, and we talked about life and death and what happens next, and I remember saying that I thought that Valhalla was more plausible then heaven, it sounded more interesting. Also I know I wondered how people knew they were right. How did people know that it was Jesus who was the thing, and not Thor or Freja, or Odin? Or Ra, maybe, or Papa Legba. How did they know? And I think my mum said something like “well, you can choose to believe what feels right for you”, which set me off in a three week hardcore old norse propaganding.

When I was ten a friend of mine and her family got swooped up in the evangelistic church (they are cult like and creepy here.. ) called “the fellowship” or “the communion” or something. A very scary one, she took me to church and I remember being really frightened and also sceptical about all these grown ups sitting around singing strange songs and smiling in a way that looked like they were high or drunk. Why would grown ups do that? Her mother told me off after I talked about Yoga when we had dinner one day, she said that “yoga is evil, and it’s a way that indian people use to prepare to die without coming to Jesus”. I got angry, but didn’t say much.

I lost my last drop of hopes for anything at all during those three weeks of pagan propaganda. I asked my brother what he thought, stating that I’d like an eight legged horse when I die, and a small squirrel, much rather then going to heaven. He looked me dead in the eye and said “when you die, you rot in the ground. Maggots eat you. That’s it.”. I know I was angry with him for telling me off, I liked my fantasies about Valhalla, but somewhere deep down, I knew he was right.

For a short while I was really angry with the world, for robbing me of that hope for something else. Angry that the world was so logical I suppose. But I got over it. I even got used to advanced double think that I used until my late teens, to allow for things like ouija boards or reading horoscopes and believing in them, fully aware that it was just bull shit. But it was bull shit I needed.

Intelligent Design? Bah!

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Teach the controversy!

The theory of gravity is a theory in crisis. Equal space should be given in school to teach the alternatives, like Intelligent Falling. Why is people so afraid to stand up on good xtian grounds and stop this horrible brain washing of our kids, never showing them the real true story, it’s impossible to not see that the only logical conclusion is that i god is pushing the objects down.

For anyone still out there thinking that “evolution is just a theory”, please, read this article on wikipedia and just accept the fact that you are on thin ice and should just stay quiet and feel the shame. And by the way, I’d say wikipedia might not always be the best source for information (if not checking the references and so on), but it is indisputably a better source then the bible.

It’s just lovely to loll around the internet and just read, like on Yahoo answers (I’m not linking to that shyte. It’s horrible. If there ever was a God, I think that sight would be an abomination.). Discussions with tens of christians saying “Big bang is just a theory, it doesn’t explain anything, without God there can’t be any life”. “No, you atheists are the devil and you will burn in hell. Jesus died for your sins and God loves everyone. Accept the truth or You will suffer eternal damnation!!!!11”. Yeah. Ok. Loves everyone, ey? And then the little dear xtians gets upset because the atheists makes fun of them. And so it continiues. It’s perfect activity for me since I don’t have any movie to watch tonight. Or the amazon.com forum! Oh, it’s wonderful! The atheists/brights/pantheists/etc there are seriously smart people. It’s just nice to see your own side constantly epic winning.

I don’t think many xtians would ever read this blog, but if you do. Please do explain to me why god hates amputees. Or why it’s ok to eat shrimps, but not for gays to marry. Why you avoid let’s say, killing people who try to stray from your faith in god , but think that the bible is the ultimate truth. I mean, if it WAS the ultimate truth, shouldn’t you just stone them all to death?

One thing I really do wonder though, is why xtians is on the internet at all? I mean, if your eye is cast on something blasphemous or sinful, you should rip it out, right? Because having only one eye is better then burning in the eternal fires of hell? And Come on, the intertubes is clogged with sin. I don’t even think reading the internet in braille get’s you away from the problem that if the internet contains sin in some parts, then all of it is sinful. Or is it ok to lie with a woman who is bleeding, if you avoid the blood? I mean, if you do even touch what she sat on, you have to wash, properly, and will stay unclean for awhile. Ok, I admit, I’m not sure if you have to sacrifice two turtles if you don’t engage in actuall intercourse, but still. (Leviticus by the way.. Had to google to find the verses in english and all that.)

Maybe it’s ok to use the intertubes if you wash your hands afterwards and kill a dove before going in to the church?

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