ok, this was weird

February 7, 2009 § Leave a comment

A guy I went on a date with just called and asked if we can meet up again someday, and I said sure.. then he asks what I’m doing today and I say that I’m going out with a friend. And he starts talking about trusting me and so on. Someone I went on ONE date with, tells me to be careful, because he wants to trust me? Come on! One date? That “sure” quickly turned to a no.

This is a culture clash, I know it. I’m not use to anyone saying anything about that stuff, at all. Just as I’m not use to people telling me I look good or anything like that. People tell me that I look good, in a very friendly asexual way, but someone who tells me that I look good with that strange ooh baby-intonation going is bound to get a cocked eyebrow in return. You don’t talk about trust before it’s a relationship. Or rather you don’t talk about it until it becomes an issue, if it’s not about saying “I really trust you” as part of one of those pointless confirmation speeches you give people in a relationship when you have nothing else nice to say.

Trust me? Sorry, but it’s not really my problem if somebody I barely know has trust issues.


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