Intelligent Design? Bah!

January 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

Teach the controversy!

The theory of gravity is a theory in crisis. Equal space should be given in school to teach the alternatives, like Intelligent Falling. Why is people so afraid to stand up on good xtian grounds and stop this horrible brain washing of our kids, never showing them the real true story, it’s impossible to not see that the only logical conclusion is that i god is pushing the objects down.

For anyone still out there thinking that “evolution is just a theory”, please, read this article on wikipedia and just accept the fact that you are on thin ice and should just stay quiet and feel the shame. And by the way, I’d say wikipedia might not always be the best source for information (if not checking the references and so on), but it is indisputably a better source then the bible.

It’s just lovely to loll around the internet and just read, like on Yahoo answers (I’m not linking to that shyte. It’s horrible. If there ever was a God, I think that sight would be an abomination.). Discussions with tens of christians saying “Big bang is just a theory, it doesn’t explain anything, without God there can’t be any life”. “No, you atheists are the devil and you will burn in hell. Jesus died for your sins and God loves everyone. Accept the truth or You will suffer eternal damnation!!!!11”. Yeah. Ok. Loves everyone, ey? And then the little dear xtians gets upset because the atheists makes fun of them. And so it continiues. It’s perfect activity for me since I don’t have any movie to watch tonight. Or the forum! Oh, it’s wonderful! The atheists/brights/pantheists/etc there are seriously smart people. It’s just nice to see your own side constantly epic winning.

I don’t think many xtians would ever read this blog, but if you do. Please do explain to me why god hates amputees. Or why it’s ok to eat shrimps, but not for gays to marry. Why you avoid let’s say, killing people who try to stray from your faith in god , but think that the bible is the ultimate truth. I mean, if it WAS the ultimate truth, shouldn’t you just stone them all to death?

One thing I really do wonder though, is why xtians is on the internet at all? I mean, if your eye is cast on something blasphemous or sinful, you should rip it out, right? Because having only one eye is better then burning in the eternal fires of hell? And Come on, the intertubes is clogged with sin. I don’t even think reading the internet in braille get’s you away from the problem that if the internet contains sin in some parts, then all of it is sinful. Or is it ok to lie with a woman who is bleeding, if you avoid the blood? I mean, if you do even touch what she sat on, you have to wash, properly, and will stay unclean for awhile. Ok, I admit, I’m not sure if you have to sacrifice two turtles if you don’t engage in actuall intercourse, but still. (Leviticus by the way.. Had to google to find the verses in english and all that.)

Maybe it’s ok to use the intertubes if you wash your hands afterwards and kill a dove before going in to the church?


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