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March 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

  • That smarter people than me believe in a god doesn’t mean there is a god. As we say, even the sun has it’s spots. Smart people can be wrong about things, they are humans too.
  • Humans cannot imagine complex processes without animating the objects and processes. That’s why they need god. If something more complex than you is out there, it’s hard to imagine it being mindless. We still seems to be stuck in the idea that we are the highest life form, or rather the best life form.
  • People are scared. So they take to religion.
  • I’m a crappy atheist. Why? Becaus I’m convinced that there is no god. This makes me bad.
  • I still haven’t finished cleaning up my apt.
  • When reading comment sections on other atheist blogs, I laugh at the ID-people. Then I realise I know people here, at home, in my own country who thinks like that. If any thing scares me, it’s that. I hate remembering how stupid people are.
  • I really need to clean.

Sunday bloody sunday

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I was watching Eugenie Scott talk about creationism on youtube, and she mentioned a comic called Big Daddy?. Interesting read I say. Especially the little aryan christian who stands up and overthrows the theories of the horrible blackhaired eastern european looking professor. Look-a-here:

0055_18It’s always interesting to see the underlying racism that is such a big part of modern christianity. White racism. Lovely isn’t it? I can’t help but thinking that within the statement “but christianity preaches love” there is a quiet appendix of “even for other people, like foreigners, gays and so on. You know, the people we don’t really like”. And no offence, but very few religions really preach love. Christianity and its’ related religions most definitely doesn’t. Love thy next, but kill all people who doesn’t agree with you, and feel free to hit your slaves as long as you don’t poke out their eyes or hurt their teeth. Christianity preaches obedience to a god. To a system. To rules laid down thousands of years ago.

It’s like when you talk to christians about moral, and they seem to think they have the upper hand on this question. I mean, they obey god, and god is the one who makes the rules, following him makes your actions morally just. And I have to tell you, I only realized this the other day! They do not mean the same thing as I do, at all! For me a morally just action is something that is by society decided as good. It’s immoral to teach kids to hide weapons in the forest for example. To corrupt kids and teach them how to lie to the police. It’s immoral to give away addictive substances hidden inside painkillers. It would be a bad thing to provide suicidals with razorblades. But, in the bible, it’s immoral to take slaves from the people of Israel. All other people are basically ok though. If you follow the bible, you can go out on a killing spree on gay clubs, and you would still not be doing anything wrong, by biblical standards. Evil and good are not constants, but decided after gods “word”. I’m amazed. I really had no clue, that these two words were so fundamentally different.

I’m listening…

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.. to Sam Harris: Letter to a christian nation.

I’d like to say that atheists are humble. Humble since they assume that they are not the ones who has to answer. Most of us leaves answering the big questions to the big minds, like Hawkins and his pals. But I can’t claim to be humble. I’m humble when staring into the abyss of possibilities that is the universe, but I’m everything but humble as a person. My bad. Still, this has nothing to do with my atheism. I happen to be a person too, quite arrogant and aggressive even at times. But please, do show me a hardcore religious who isn’t just that.

The freedom of thought, religion and speech does not give you the freedom to be an idiot.

One thing though. There is one problem with atheism vs religion is that atheism is mostly found amongst highly educated or intellectuals, in societies with a functioning and equal system, with fair amount of gender equality and so on. In wealthy enviroments. Can you see what I see? It is the possibility of a new class war. Elitistic atheists (like me) might very well only conjur up underdog feelings amongst the religious. I can’t solve this. But, I can give a suggestion. Let’s not preach for the poor. Let’s put up proper systems for education instead and teach things that are rational. And then, when we all had an equal chance to make up our mind, then, then we can take this discussion again.

I promise you, that the few religious people who would be left, wont be the sharpest tools in the drawer.

Upsetting, isn’t it?

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I read this post about evolution vs science in schools again. And as usual, I got mighty upset. I just had lovely dinner with a wonderful friend, and spent some of the time trying to explain why it is completely logical that we exist. The answer is: because if it wasn’t logical, we wouldn’t, there you have it. Just because you or me aren’t educated enough to explain and understand the whole process from big bang until now, doesn’t mean there is a God. It just means that we aren’t smart enough to understand it. That simple.

Ended up on an atheism forum before, and read the discussion titled “atheists: prove there is no God.”. It’s always interesting. Because you see, it is this simple: If you can’t prove, scientifically, that there is a God, I do not have to prove he doesn’t exist. That’s already proven by the huge (to not say complete) lack of evidence for his de facto existence. You do not have to prove a negative. Prove to me fairies doesn’t exist!

For the sake of the argument. If there was a God, how come the humans isn’t naturally godfearing? Because we aren’t. A person who never heard of God will not all by itself come up with a theory about an almighty judge in the sky. How do I know this? Well, a couple of hundred years ago there was this def man who went to church every sunday with his family, and one day, the churchbells somehow gave him his hearing back, oh yey, after he learned to speak/communicate and understand spoken language, they asked him what he knew about God. Explained the function, explained church and everything. He hadnt had the faintest idea. To him, it was all rituals. God didn’t exist in his world because nobody told him he did. Wouldn’t it be just a tiny bit more logical if humans somehow knew there was a god? Wouldn’t christianity be a bit more buildt in? Now, instead, we sloshed around here on our planet, swimming in religions, all filled with gods for thousands upon thousands of years, but we got them all wrong. And then, one day: someone figures out the real god! Halleluja! Does it, at all, seem plausible?

Doesn’t it, just a tiny bit, seem like we, the humans, are in desperate need of explanations, stories and such, to feel safe? God in himself, isn’t really the point here, the point is that every human feels alone and scared in this big universe, and to prevent ourselfs from going mad for not understanding: We fill up that big void of panic with God. Religion is a safety net for the ones that cannot just accept that they will never understand. The general rule is that the smarter someone is and the more educated: the less religious. Some stats can be found here

I find it lovely when christian says things like “well, overly intellectuals are known to be a bit unstable”. It’s wonderful to hear people admit that they cherish their own low mental capability. One reason for “overly intellectual” people to be a bit “unstable” is because they are surrounded by idiots.

I could understand this claim if you meant by overly intellectual people with extreme intelligence, maybe savants, autists and such, and added that they can have severe social dysfunctions. But in the context where this woman said it she more or less seemed to mean everyone who graduated from high school. Ooh. The evil intellectuals. I’m glad USA is nipping it in the bud and re-introducing teaching that the earth is flat, darwin was wrong and that if you click this banner you will be rich in science class in school. We don’t want the kids to think too much now do we..

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