Disclaimer of sorts

I don’t like religions. At all. Some of them I find a bit cute, like ugly babies. But I really don’t like religions. Talking negatively about religions that aren’t protestantic christianity does make everything I say sound racist. I find this interesting*. But it wont stop me from critizising Islam as much as christianity.

I’m not racist. I can’t prove this in any way, except for claiming that I don’t give crap about who you are or where you come from, as long as you are a nice and decent. I’m not gonna say things like “I even hang out with foreigners”, bc that’s what racists say.

I’ll put it this was instead. The structures in our bigger abrahamitic religions are inherently oppresive. That’s why I don’t like them. I’m a feminist, I like the whole idea of equal rights. If we would do as the bible says, people would have to burn everything I touch, 14 days of the month (you know, the period). I don’t want a society constucted around the hierarcal structures of the bible. Unfortunatly, I’m living in one.

But this isn’t just an atheist blog. I’m a feminist, a rape survivor, a person, I’m even someones girlfriend, even though I hate defining myself from the perspective of being owned. I don’t like heteronormativity.

There is a lot of things I don’t like. And I will write about them, here. Because I can. If you see that I am offencive or I write something that could be read as discriminating, racist or just factually incorrect, please tell me! I need to know. English is my second language, so you never know.


*For the americans out there who reads this blog: This is because racism here more means xenophobia then anything else. It has a lot to do with ethnical background, and not so much to do with skin color. Also, scandies tend to see themselfs as the highest in the aryan food chain (tall, blonde, blah blah.), and in comparision, everyone else is dubbed “black” more or less. So the actually “race” isn’t important, it’s the culture. Ethnicity is the “big thing” people panic about.


§ One Response to Disclaimer of sorts

  • new_sleuth says:

    I happen to be a practicing Muslim. However, any ideology/belief/argument must face criticism..

    One, to silence ideas will harm everyone in the long-run. Oppression is not a sword but a fire. Just because one stops a second person from saying something, it is possible that the former person could be stopped by someone else regarding another issue. Freedom for all ensures freedom for oneself.

    Two, I believe it’s divinely inspired, surely it should be able to withstand human critique?

    Of course there are actually racists who wish to fan the flames of anger, but these people are in every group and societies can’t allow them to dictate how we approach discussions or events.

    In short, go ahead and feel free to state your mind. So long as you’re sincere, most people will know you’re not trying to simply stir hate.

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