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“This was a degrading remark about our world’s most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world,” Palin said in a statement released Friday. “These athletes overcome more challenges, discrimination and adversity than most of us ever will. By the way, these athletes can outperform many of us and we should be proud of them. I hope President Obama’s comments do not reflect how he truly feels about the special needs community.”

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And the shit hit the fan. But, besides the fact that Obama made a plump joke and just got downgraded from Messiah to Belsebub, I’d like to take a minute and reflect on Palins statement here. I’ll point out the part I’m wondering about:

“our world’s most precious and unique people”

Isn’t this… well.. Isn’t this a bit like talking about puppies? “You are such a cute little puppy, the cutest and best puppy in the WORLD”. Or babies! “Such a beautiful little lovely baby, aren’t you just the cutest most precious baby in the world!”.

Yeah, what’s wrong with that you might say.. Well. IT ISN’T the cutest puppy and the best baby ever. And the people competing in the special olympics aren’t our most precious people. Every human being has an equal value as an individual, but I’d say that our most precious people probably are doctors and farmers, and scientists, maybe? Our most unique people.. Well, they do seem to live in USA all of them at least.

And think of this, if your kid draws some sort of incomprehensible doodle on a paper and claims it’s a duck, you’ll say “yeah, it’s such a good duck too! What an artist you are!” and you’ll pin it up on the fridge. You might even torture you’re friends by calling them up and tell them about the remarkable doodle duck (and your friends will hate you, and no longer be your friends. Don’t ever call me to talk about doodles your kids made, ok?), and for your kids level of skill (eye hand coordination, etcetera), it might be a remarkably good doodle duck.

But it’s still just a freaking doodle. If you take it out of context, and put it in a museum, people will walk by and say “Hey, isn’t that just a kids drawing?”. Because it’s not art.

Conclusion: Just because you are extremely good at something on your level, with your skills, with your background, it doesn’t mean that you actually are good at it. I suck at math for example. I have a very high level of understanding of logical problems, in comparision to others with my level of math ed, but that doesn’t make me good at math in general. It’s just a way of saying “oh well, it could have been worse”.

So, no, this is not about our most precious and unique asset to the human race, at all. It’s about people who are extremely skilled at what they do, in context of their background. Can please agree on it that there is an important difference here? And that differnece can be simply put like this: In one of the cases you pat people on the head like if they were babies. In the other you respect them enough to put their skills partly in context of both their background, and the real world.

Now you choose.


I might get company

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This autumn I’m planning to go to spring. Yes, I’m going to head for the southern hemisphere, effectivly skipping autumn and winter and getting spring and summer again. The plan is to go to Brisbane and Griffith University and study Master of design futures. Seems good for me, since I want to work more on my skills as a graphic designer.
I’m not sure if it will work out, I’m not sure if I’m gonna leave, I still have to labs in Object Oriented Programming left from the bachelor (in Interaction Design, but really it’s a BaS: Bachelor of Science. Way cool) before I can even apply. I still have to actually apply. You know, write all the papers, send them in with snail mail, wait for a reply…

the Fisk

And then hope for the best.
So I don’t think about it much, I do get small bouts of panics from time to time, that this will be the worst choice of my life and so on but that’s it. That I’m aiming to high when I think I could have a better life then I do. I mean, I have an interesting education, good friends and a functioning body. Why do I want rich, happy and love? Why not just contempt with what you got. Have a smile and a coke and STFU. As they would say. Ok, I do think about it, maybe not in big quantities but the effort that goes in to doing it is high. I don’t think about it in everyday normal life, you could say, I only think about it when I’m weak.

When I was reading Condé yesterday, Fisk called me all of the sudden. I’m not used to talking on the phone with him and frankly we’re crap at it. From my side mostly because I have no Idea what to tell him when I can’t see his face, he has a tendency to sound so disappointed or ironic the whole time. From his side I’m guessing he is just crap at it in general. Anyhow, he doesn’t usually call me at all, so I figured he had something on his mind. And he did. Being bored of everything he has decided to maybe come to Australia at the same time as me. D . I’m not gonna call it “come with me”, that just feels to pressuring. But he will maybe be there. Can you imagine the luck? Last time I was away I was dying from not having him with me. He is my best of friends and my lifesaver.

To prevent any assumptions, I’ll do the disclaimer at once. No, we are not a couple. I love him with all my heart and we are friends. And that’s it. Capiche?

I celebrated the potential company with a glass of wine (ehm, two. three at the most.) while I was finishing up work, and got a huge migraine as a thank you from my body. Didn’t get to sleep until six in the morning since I didn’t have any pills at home, I thought, spent half the night bent over the toilette seat almost throwing up from the pain and nauseau. Then I remembered I might have one pill left, went rumaging for it and finding it, almost throwing it up immediatly after swallowing, fell a sleep like a baby. I really hate those nights.

Off course I didn’t have time to finish either, since my forehead felt like someone was poring boiling water over it after drilling a hole down to the brain so they could soak that too..

So I’m at it again. At least I got quite far yesterday.
Since I finally know when I’m getting cash, I’m gonna celebrate it by shopping som food and making a serious dinner. The last couple of days have been horrible. Not because my fridge is empty but because I have no inspiration for cooking when I’m broke. My spice-intuition is all gone.

Anyway, this will hopefully be a good day. Laters!

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