Norrland here I come, obviously

April 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

I moved to Umeå yesterday.

Sort of strange, actually, I forgot to plan it and just did, and I’m not usually like that. I plan plan plan everything I do, normally.

But it’s nice up here, and I got a job (just like that! In the midst of the crisis and all that), so I think it’ll be good. I’m staying for a year to begin with.

I’m gonna put up an english version of the list of ” ahem.. intellectual discussions about poetry and economy…” that I read friday night when I was MCing with Albin. But right now I’m gonna go out in the sun.


sorry for the silence

April 21, 2009 § Leave a comment

I just had another flue, this one was way brutal, so it’s been a bit quiet here.

I got the job in Umeå, so I’m moving up there. Just so you know it.It feels a bit weird. But I can’t stand this city anymore. It’s just too much stress and pressure. I love Malmö, but it’s like staying with an ex. It just keeps reminding me of how crappy I am.

And yeah, if it wasn’t for the overkill hiphopish style, I’d marry this man.

Week of poetry

April 1, 2009 § Leave a comment


Competed yesterday (got to the finals but didn’t get further), will read on friday and hang out on saturday when the other Lovisa releases her book. Good week this one.


April 1, 2009 § Leave a comment

I just watched this, fitna the movie. I thought I’d see what the fuzz was all about for myself, but I couldn’t bring myself to finish watching it after suddenly the movie claims that “the netherlands is under a spell of islam”.

The netherlands is one of europes most racist countries. They aren’t really under any spell but a racist one. I am not at all amazed that the movie comes from there.

But, besides that, when I watched [the first half] of Fitna, I have to admit I wasn’t surprised. It was a bunch of clips with hardcore muslims and islamists over and over again saying that all infidels must die and that they are going to take over the world, and that was about it. Some dead bodies too.

But in every group, there is this extremist part, amongst almost all religions and amongst many political groups. You can’t single out muslims and tell everyone that them taking over the world is bad and horrible if you don’t do the same with, for example, nazis or other fascist groups, or communists. Kill all the infidels is something all this groups could scream.

Also, if the “muslim world, as people tend to call it, would “rise” and try to “strike the infidels down”, I’m pretty sure that there would be mass destruction and war even in their own countries.

And somewhere around here, I realize that the abrahamic religions wants this war. Since it forebodes the coming of christ or equivalent. Oh well, I’ll just go and prepare to die then.

Short note: A friend from random african country just told me that finally being black isn’t the lowest of the low anymore, now, at the bottom of the food chain, is arabs, when you are looking for jobs for example. Glad to here that being black isn’t the worst you can be anymore, but sad to hear that all arabs have to suffer because of a stupid few.

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