The internet is lost

August 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

The internet is lost. Yes, yes it is. I know you think that you are surfing it right now, but you aren’t, or at least quite soon, you wont be anymore.

Why is that? Off course the global web wont disappear in any way, but at least I think we move further and further away from browseroriented use of the internet and towards application-oriented. Also, the usage of global networks in applications will stop being a feature you promote, but being something you assume to be there to begin with. And do we really need to talk about surfing the web, when we are constantly? As society goes more and more digital, and more and more global, what we do need to talk about is what is not global, not digital. Like a word like snail-mail. We assume that mail is e-mail, the “e” has become obsolete, thus the need for words that define the other type of mail, the less common type. Old school postal style letters on paper-mail.

To surf the net is a definite action. To just work with interactive applications that uses internet based systems/apps/databases as a resource is not the same action. And takes a lot longer to say.


the god-thing

March 3, 2009 § 2 Comments

Attention serious people, there is now a lolcat-bible, and soon a lolcat-qoran. Scary isn’t it? People making teh funneez of religion again. Curse those heretic internet memes!

Lolspeak is at this point seen as an internet dialect (I say sociolect, but I’m a besserwisser), not only a meme, now adays. It’s been around for three years and it still doesn’t feel too old. Only risk is that in ten years we’ll look back at these memes and find them too nerdy to laugh about.

I find it utterly fascinating how internet changes our social behaviors, humour being one of the most fundamental cornerstones of human interaction. Humour is how we connect. And right now, we connect with the help of memes from youtube and 4chan, or pictures of cute animals. I’ve myself spent hours on the phone with friends while both just flipping through cuteoverload (yeah, we didn’t have skype anyone of us.. embarrasing I know. Phone, who uses that? Ok, it was a cellphone, but still. A phone, that’s what you use in lack of intertubes.), making small giggle-noices and oohs’n’aaahs’. Before that it was … well. What was it? Anyone remember what we laughed at before we got swooped up in this tragic mushup of internet?

However, this complicates things, for people like me who writes. I can’t include memes in my fictional writing, because by the time I get it published, it’s gone and judged as pointless. It’s impossible to know on beforehand what memes will be made to icons and what will be thrown away in the next springcleaning of the servers.

XKCD did a piece on memes today (which is funny, cause he is sort of part of the meme thing.)

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