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I just watched this, fitna the movie. I thought I’d see what the fuzz was all about for myself, but I couldn’t bring myself to finish watching it after suddenly the movie claims that “the netherlands is under a spell of islam”.

The netherlands is one of europes most racist countries. They aren’t really under any spell but a racist one. I am not at all amazed that the movie comes from there.

But, besides that, when I watched [the first half] of Fitna, I have to admit I wasn’t surprised. It was a bunch of clips with hardcore muslims and islamists over and over again saying that all infidels must die and that they are going to take over the world, and that was about it. Some dead bodies too.

But in every group, there is this extremist part, amongst almost all religions and amongst many political groups. You can’t single out muslims and tell everyone that them taking over the world is bad and horrible if you don’t do the same with, for example, nazis or other fascist groups, or communists. Kill all the infidels is something all this groups could scream.

Also, if the “muslim world, as people tend to call it, would “rise” and try to “strike the infidels down”, I’m pretty sure that there would be mass destruction and war even in their own countries.

And somewhere around here, I realize that the abrahamic religions wants this war. Since it forebodes the coming of christ or equivalent. Oh well, I’ll just go and prepare to die then.

Short note: A friend from random african country just told me that finally being black isn’t the lowest of the low anymore, now, at the bottom of the food chain, is arabs, when you are looking for jobs for example. Glad to here that being black isn’t the worst you can be anymore, but sad to hear that all arabs have to suffer because of a stupid few.


YES, finally my inner fatalist got some action!

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If you missed the irony dripping sarcasm in todays headline, look again.

I wasn’t the most sober girl yesterday. Not at all the most sober one actually. Maybe the least sober one. I’m not sure. I’m not feeling well today anyway, not well at all. Maybe it was something in the food?

I’m guessing though that it wasn’t, because all I ate yesterday was a salad. So it’s much more likely that the reason I’m feeling like I do, is the lack of food, not the possible little bacterias in what little I ate.

Anyway I managed to fcuk up quite well yesterday, mostly by doing things that needed to be done, but not while drunk. I had fun though. And I have a hicky bite mark that hurts, that I’m not even really sure how or why it happened. All I know is that I’m blaming Fisk for it. It’s always his fault, one way or the other. jagochstefan

Anyhow, the night ended me in having messed up my relationship with three closer friends (various degrees of friends, and close. Various definitions of the same, but this is no chicklitblog, so I’ll spare you the details), and having made an ass of myself infront of almost-strangers. I fell asleep and woke up wondering why in heavens they let me live at all.
Yesterday it all seemed clear as a day, why I did or said what I did and said, but today it’s blatantly obvious that it was all just some pseudo actions covering up for some self destructive teenage angst shit. I should be locked up.

Well, tonight Little Big Planet awaits, together with Björn, and I’m gonna build cases and stuff for the cellar, so I’ll get over it. I hope. Or I’ll just pretend it didn’t happen.

Yeah, figured this would happen

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“This was a degrading remark about our world’s most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world,” Palin said in a statement released Friday. “These athletes overcome more challenges, discrimination and adversity than most of us ever will. By the way, these athletes can outperform many of us and we should be proud of them. I hope President Obama’s comments do not reflect how he truly feels about the special needs community.”

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And the shit hit the fan. But, besides the fact that Obama made a plump joke and just got downgraded from Messiah to Belsebub, I’d like to take a minute and reflect on Palins statement here. I’ll point out the part I’m wondering about:

“our world’s most precious and unique people”

Isn’t this… well.. Isn’t this a bit like talking about puppies? “You are such a cute little puppy, the cutest and best puppy in the WORLD”. Or babies! “Such a beautiful little lovely baby, aren’t you just the cutest most precious baby in the world!”.

Yeah, what’s wrong with that you might say.. Well. IT ISN’T the cutest puppy and the best baby ever. And the people competing in the special olympics aren’t our most precious people. Every human being has an equal value as an individual, but I’d say that our most precious people probably are doctors and farmers, and scientists, maybe? Our most unique people.. Well, they do seem to live in USA all of them at least.

And think of this, if your kid draws some sort of incomprehensible doodle on a paper and claims it’s a duck, you’ll say “yeah, it’s such a good duck too! What an artist you are!” and you’ll pin it up on the fridge. You might even torture you’re friends by calling them up and tell them about the remarkable doodle duck (and your friends will hate you, and no longer be your friends. Don’t ever call me to talk about doodles your kids made, ok?), and for your kids level of skill (eye hand coordination, etcetera), it might be a remarkably good doodle duck.

But it’s still just a freaking doodle. If you take it out of context, and put it in a museum, people will walk by and say “Hey, isn’t that just a kids drawing?”. Because it’s not art.

Conclusion: Just because you are extremely good at something on your level, with your skills, with your background, it doesn’t mean that you actually are good at it. I suck at math for example. I have a very high level of understanding of logical problems, in comparision to others with my level of math ed, but that doesn’t make me good at math in general. It’s just a way of saying “oh well, it could have been worse”.

So, no, this is not about our most precious and unique asset to the human race, at all. It’s about people who are extremely skilled at what they do, in context of their background. Can please agree on it that there is an important difference here? And that differnece can be simply put like this: In one of the cases you pat people on the head like if they were babies. In the other you respect them enough to put their skills partly in context of both their background, and the real world.

Now you choose.

ok, this was weird

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A guy I went on a date with just called and asked if we can meet up again someday, and I said sure.. then he asks what I’m doing today and I say that I’m going out with a friend. And he starts talking about trusting me and so on. Someone I went on ONE date with, tells me to be careful, because he wants to trust me? Come on! One date? That “sure” quickly turned to a no.

This is a culture clash, I know it. I’m not use to anyone saying anything about that stuff, at all. Just as I’m not use to people telling me I look good or anything like that. People tell me that I look good, in a very friendly asexual way, but someone who tells me that I look good with that strange ooh baby-intonation going is bound to get a cocked eyebrow in return. You don’t talk about trust before it’s a relationship. Or rather you don’t talk about it until it becomes an issue, if it’s not about saying “I really trust you” as part of one of those pointless confirmation speeches you give people in a relationship when you have nothing else nice to say.

Trust me? Sorry, but it’s not really my problem if somebody I barely know has trust issues.

I’m listening…

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.. to Sam Harris: Letter to a christian nation.

I’d like to say that atheists are humble. Humble since they assume that they are not the ones who has to answer. Most of us leaves answering the big questions to the big minds, like Hawkins and his pals. But I can’t claim to be humble. I’m humble when staring into the abyss of possibilities that is the universe, but I’m everything but humble as a person. My bad. Still, this has nothing to do with my atheism. I happen to be a person too, quite arrogant and aggressive even at times. But please, do show me a hardcore religious who isn’t just that.

The freedom of thought, religion and speech does not give you the freedom to be an idiot.

One thing though. There is one problem with atheism vs religion is that atheism is mostly found amongst highly educated or intellectuals, in societies with a functioning and equal system, with fair amount of gender equality and so on. In wealthy enviroments. Can you see what I see? It is the possibility of a new class war. Elitistic atheists (like me) might very well only conjur up underdog feelings amongst the religious. I can’t solve this. But, I can give a suggestion. Let’s not preach for the poor. Let’s put up proper systems for education instead and teach things that are rational. And then, when we all had an equal chance to make up our mind, then, then we can take this discussion again.

I promise you, that the few religious people who would be left, wont be the sharpest tools in the drawer.

One down

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And finally I finished reading Maryce Condé. It’s always interesting to watch ones own reactions while reading a book that is so far from your own culture. I’m not sure I liked it, but not sure I disliked it either. Crossing the mangrove tells a tale of something I can’t grasp at all. With it’s old school gender roles, its’ racism and prejudice. It is, unavoidably, very far from my world.

I think it’s good to expose yourself to such litterature. For me it’s good for more then one reason. First and foremost off course since it gives insight. Second, because in my work both as an author and a teacher I need to understand these things and be able to read this sort of text, laying my own personal ideas and ideals beside me and just travel within the text. One of the hardest things when working as a teacher for creative writing is that you often come across texts that you simply don’t like. This doesn’t make them bad, it’s simply a matter of personal taste.

To penetrate a language or a way of handling language that is far from your own, you need to have the right tools. These are the things I’m trying to learn now, to not just disregard such texts as bad or too strange. I too write strange texts, mine is just as incomprehensible for many people around me. Do I want respect from them anyway? Yes, off course. Thus, I have to learn how to give that time and respect to others.

Writing fiction is a complex matter. There is so much more to it then just writing down the story. Constantly during the process you end up on a meta-level. Is this text right for my pressumed reader? Do I keep my language on the right track? There is always a risk of slipping into a cliched version of the story, when you just want to get it over and done with, instead of remembering your voice.

However, there’s some tricks to keep it going.
1. Read the text out loud from time to time.
It helps, you get a chance of hearing if you slip in voice.
2. Let someone else read it.
This might be an obvious one. But still, letting someone reading the text and ask them not to critique details but just cheer you on and point out mayor bumps on the road helps a lot.
3. Find music that suits your style of writing.
To me, this helps a lot. During the course of writing a longer story you will go through a lot in the rest of your life, when you change, so does the text. To have the right soundtrack can bring back the voice.
4. Live with your characters.
For me, that means that when I go out in to the real world, I talk to people about the story, or I keep thinking about what they would do if it was them and not me. I internalize them as much as I can. This way, when I write, I can feel when it’s me talking and not the text.

Short list, I’ll add to that later. Now I’m going to write about the book for my hand in.. Have a good night out there!

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