a small list

March 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

  • That smarter people than me believe in a god doesn’t mean there is a god. As we say, even the sun has it’s spots. Smart people can be wrong about things, they are humans too.
  • Humans cannot imagine complex processes without animating the objects and processes. That’s why they need god. If something more complex than you is out there, it’s hard to imagine it being mindless. We still seems to be stuck in the idea that we are the highest life form, or rather the best life form.
  • People are scared. So they take to religion.
  • I’m a crappy atheist. Why? Becaus I’m convinced that there is no god. This makes me bad.
  • I still haven’t finished cleaning up my apt.
  • When reading comment sections on other atheist blogs, I laugh at the ID-people. Then I realise I know people here, at home, in my own country who thinks like that. If any thing scares me, it’s that. I hate remembering how stupid people are.
  • I really need to clean.

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