I really dislike this

March 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

… this thing that is my word right now. I’m gonna try to write an interesting political blogthingie tomorrow, or the next day or something, but today it’s all just shit shit shit. Australia is further away than ever (complications from hell), no job, no life, no cash. No anything at all. Heaps and heaps of shit to do, like old leftovers from uni. I was suppose to do them while here but forgot my files in Malmö. Books to read for school. I have to jumpstart my prac, I didn’t even get one of the workshops I was suppose to do because they didn’t answer my e-mail (at all, how rude it that?), but the first one needs to get going… A job I applied for called today but my phone was off so I missed the call and probably the job. I’m broke again and my rent went up this month. My writing has gone to a brutal halt. I’m really glad to be up here, because if I was at home I’d just lock myself in and never go out again. Rot away in that expensive appartment.

So yeah. It’s all crap right now. I’ll try to lighten up tomorrow.


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