It’s not natural

February 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

For all people who opposes things like c-sections…

You live in a tree and eat raw meat too? (To quote The Patrician in Terry Pratchetts discworld.)

I read an article about giving birth, and about c-sections and OF COURSE there is a man commenting on the whole thing talking about what’s natural and that women are just evil and lazy, and should more or less man up and take the pain. I hate it. That and men who talk about pregnancy as something natural. Well, so is HIV and ebola, do you tell people with that the same thing? It’s natural with people getting eaten by sharks, it’s natural with rape, it’s natural with violence. So take that argument and go shove it up your arse and please shut up.

C-section might not be the “natural” way, but given the alternative… Vaccines aren’t natural either, but I guess you still eat what the doctor prescribes?




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