Oh oh oh OH!

February 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

I just found out the the riots up here was about the cellar mosque, I tried to find info about this months ago (in december when the riots were) but couldn’t. Turns out that the swedish far left movement made a really bad move supporting the riots, since the mosque was the SAME one with that guy who hated everything, who wanted to move, and thought we were infidels. I wrote a bit about him in “the importance of never shutting up“. The mosque exists because nobody else wants them… they are a Salafi mosque, meaning that they preach such things as rejecting modern horrors like social justice, economy, political parties, socialism, capitalism.. Ah, well, everything more or less. We are talking about a group so extreme they don’t even listen to music. Why now did the far left step in and defend these people? Probably because they are dumb, and only saw “oh riots, let’s join!” since the far lefts main purpose seems to be ruining things that aren’t theirs to prove the point that owning is wrong.

It’s lovely. The kids in the leftist movement here might just as well be nazis, they are just looking for a fight, not an ideology. Embarrasing. The world would be a better place with more socialistic tendencies. It would be a better place if we could care more for eachother. But it would never ever be a better place with the help of kids burning cars down in Rosengård; taking a stand for extremist Salafi.


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