Looking for a place to stay

February 19, 2009 § Leave a comment

The locals article about the proposed rules might be a good read, so you know what I’m complaining about further down.

A very simple question: How come we don’t let people stay who needs it, like homosexual people from Iran, or just now the muslim man from the Peoples Republic of China, who got to stay, but only hours afterwards the try to overturn the desition. He has been on Gitmo, for several years. Before that he was in jail in Pakistan. All this because he fled his country, where he is part of an oppressed minority. And we throw him out? Hasn’t he had enough suffering in his life? But no! We let a lot of people stay here, but we throw out these people. The immigration department in this country must be the most cynical and evil place on earth.

Now they want to change the rules too. We’ve taken a lot of immigrants over the years (more Iraqi refugees then canada and US together in just one swedish city), and I guess we have sort of reached our limit. We don’t have the capacity to let in any amount of people, since we, like all other countries, are a country in crisis. But the way they write about it… Instead of putting it in perspective of the refugees, they talk about harder rules and that we have to put our foot down.

It could have been that they would say “We are shortening the wait for a decition from the migration services, and we will make it harder to stay illegaly.”. Instead they are just going to make it harder to stay illegaly. It’ll still take a couple of years to get the answer. And then you’ll have to leave emmidiatly. It’s stupid. I couldn’t care less if it meant they are throwing out criminals that are here illegaly, but if I know my country, they don’t actually have the intelligence to find criminals, so they’ll go for the children or poor families instead, to state an example. They’ll throw out the people that should’ve got the chance to stay to begin with.

The only rule I don’t object to in this mess is that they are making it easier to revoke someones citizenship if they commit a serious crime. I just wish that rule could extend to born swedish too.

And off course they bring up the fact that quite a few people live outside the system, without a job, “cashing in” wellfare (yeah, because that’s so much money…). This is just populistic crap. Off course there’s complete idiots who does that, there is quite a few swedish people who does that too. Let’s throw them all out.. or what. If they made the integration process better, this problem would become mush smaller! But is there any talk of making that process more effective? Make it easier for people to learn the language, get a job, and more importantly, take part of swedish society in terms of laws and social rules (equality and not hitting children, and things like this, that actually are important to not only inform about, but see to it that people get.)? No, almost no talk at all about that. All they want to do is kick people out, if they didn’t get there on their own.

I think that the hope lies with the women and girls. They are the ones who needs extra help and support. If you get them fully integrated in society, it’ll work lots better. They are often the most adaptable in the families and cultures, and they are the ones that have the biggest chance to properly be a part of swedish society… once they get there, or even get half way, hopefully the men will tag along and try too.

There has to be a way that doesn’t involve closing the gates so to speak. I live in an area with 71%  (<—my house is here)- 96% (<—I pass through this part when I’m out jogging) immigrants with an overall employment rate of 38%, in the worst parts only 15% have a job. It’s very hard not to see the problems with this when you live in it. This is a very nice block mind you. But it’s still filled with frustration, people get beaten down, shot, blahblah, all the time. Something has to be done. There has to be more money, more work, more things to help people to feel that they participate. That they are part of society.


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