Atheists beware, it’s just a fad

February 16, 2009 § Leave a comment

Atheism is trendy. It’s a counter trend against all these neo-religious people. Both the strengthened political position of fundamentalist religious, and to the “oh well, I don’t believe in a bearded man in the sky, but i believe in something“-people, which I personally can’t understand one bit. If you are truly deeply religious, the explanation is always something like “I’m the seventh generation Mormon” or “I drank my liver away, then I almost got killed by a bus and ended up doing the twelve step program and they encourage us to find god, now I don’t need alcohol, I get high on Jesus all the time”. But when you just generally believe, that’s like being skeptic but the other way around, instead of thinking of religion as highly unlikely, you think of the scientific method as a highly unlikely way of working with the world. That’s just… No, I can’t even go there.

Anyway. Being atheist is the counter trend, but still a trend. And we are being swallowed. All of the sudden politicians (Else-Marie Lindgren, can someone just lead her away quietly and put her in a small room with a cup og tea and some litium and close the door?) are popping up and saying things like “I think the prime minister should end his speaches with God bless sweden. I don’t think people would mind, we are after all a nation based on christian foundations, and when you ask people on the streets I think more people pray then you think”. Yeah, she grew up in my old hometown, Borås, a city competing for the title of hometown of the biblebelters. In that city people seems to actually believe in God. But in the rest of the country, up to 85% are agnostic or atheists. I don’t think they pray. Amongst those numbers are also the “no I don’t believe in God but in something”-people. I really can’t see them pray, not to any statistically significant extent at least. But, the christian society wants to make the world look like they are stronger than they are, because in the end, the result will be that they become stronger. People will end up agreeing with them since they are so many, forgetting completely that majority doesn’t equal right.

We have about 400 000 muslims  in sweden, loosely defined. This is still the religious group that’s the loudest. They aren’t at all many (out of 9 million, so a couple of percent still), but what muslims do that christianity can get away with, is that they demand a very strong respect for their religion. If we are not to be slayed as infidels, we can’t draw the prophet for example. Christians aren’t doing this exactly, but christianity is so tightly woven into the fabric of our society that we probably wouldn’t notice if it did.

Still, the problem with religion and especially with Islam right now, is that it demands respect from people who aren’t following them. After all, all religions are the chosen religion. Everyone else is wrong and should be killed or stoned or smashed against rocks, but they so graceciously lets us live.

Again this weekend I talked to someone deeply religious. At first I thought this was a smart and interesting person, but then, when asking about the religious believes (that I knew were there, but I thought it was moderate), I realize I was all wrong. Another bible-oholic. And when I asked a couple of simple questions like “dinosaurs” or “but, so you say that all research ever done is faulthy, but you still use an mp3 player?” or “how do you get from 2 people to 6 billion in 6000 years and how do you account for the genetic diversity?”, I got the answer: “I don’t want to talk about this, because I don’t want to shake my faith”.

That’s like admitting you are wrong. Next example is: If you had missunderstood the offside rule all your life, and a man walks up to you and says: No! It works like this! Would you ask him to be quiet because you didn’t want you faith to be shaken?

He claimed it’s not the same thing. But it is.

Should I respect his religion? No, I shouldn’t. There is no reason what so ever to respect an opinion like that. To let someone stay wrong. Why would I? Would I do it if someone claimed the world was flat? No, I wouldn’t. But religious people, who always seems to think that they are the “good guys” and everyone else should be killed, they think I should. That I should respect their faith, they are, after all, not stoning me to death

Atheism is not a faith, but it needs to be just as arrogant and strong as one, because otherwhise this will turn into a fad for real, and we’ll all go back to saying things like “well, I believe in something“.

I realized something by the way. I’m an atheistic missionary. I’m actually trying to spread the word of atheism. Lol.


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