Anti-semitism is interesting

February 8, 2009 § Leave a comment

I read about an Australian columnist being banned because his article was anti-semitic (you can read the full article here, but beware of really creepy comments), and I have to say that even if the article might have been a little bit harsch and biased, but seriously, it wasn’t anti-semitic.

Sometimes it feels like the notion amongst pro-israel people is that every negative comment ever uttered about Israel is anti-semitic, Israel can do no wrong. This is plain silly. Israel is doing a lot of wrong, a lot of the time.

I’m one of those thinking that the conflict between palestine and israel is more complex then we normally think of, but I know one thing that never ever lead to peace, and that is cramming in 1.5 million people in gaza, behind a wall, destroying the lifes of everyone within and then bombing the place. Israel has become the bully, and is now the state commiting the warcrimes towards others, rather then the people of Israel being the victims of such crimes.


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