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I had this weird continious dream yesterday, you know, I dreamed the start of the dream a couple of weeks ago and now when I was sitting by my computer on my way of falling asleep, I started getting flashbacks from it. Do anyone else get that? Like if you were half awake and started dreaming a bit before you go to sleep, and what you dream is the same as the day before or earlier? It’s weird.

But the height of stupidity is me telling the person I’m talking to on messenger that I’m having dream flashbacks and need to go to sleep and finish up the dream. Hello mental illness-alarm. I didn’t think about it then, I just tried to explain myself, but now when I woke up and read the backlogg, I just feel like a complete idiot.

I have all these weird things going on, I mean, I am by default weird. That’s just me. I don’t think about it much, but then I talk to normal people and suddenly something turns up that makes me realize that I should learn to either shut up, or change my whole personality so that I don’t have to. I would probably become utterly boring and have no talent for anything left whatsoever, but I’d rather be that then having to be ashamed of all these quirks.

To this I’ll add that before I said “sorry, I need to go to sleep and dream this dream about bombs and water”, the friend told me about not liking me at all, because I made such a bad impression at first, but that he changed his mind. Oh well.

I went to ONTs first performance art club yesterday, good fun, drunkness and nerdy literaties. It was good, and landed me a performance there soon. I’ll do my 30 min show there in a while, the one named after Hundred years of solitude (but with a different theme, off course.). There was a seriously cute guy there, but he got too drunk and annoying, and also wore a really ugly t-shirt. I don’t get that. Why do people dress so badly? It’s like not using deodorant. You might not care yourself, but everyone else has to  suffer involuntarily. Same here. You might like that ugly t, but everyone else is suffering! Show some respect for your fellow humans and don’t dress so bad my eyes almost starts bleeding.

Today I’m going out with a friend, and hopefully I’m meeting up with my parents. I’m also going to the library a quickie, didn’t find Bente Clods book last time and forgot my list of other books, so new try today. A normal, boring, non-descript day.It’ll be interesting to see if I’ll make it.

Oh, I fixed another pic from Cherrybeats tattoo session, I got bored…



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