Oh oh oh!

January 23, 2009 § 2 Comments

I had to do a short tiny update. Thanks to the unreasonable faith blog I now found new things to read and add to the link section (it also screwed up my schedule for tonight since I got stuck reading). I sort of decided that this blog shouldn’t be so much about atheism (why would I write about that? It’s obvious. It feels so unnecessary to try to argue for a view that doesn’t even have a credable opponent. Now what about religion you might say? Well, while religion is constructed upon the basis of faith in irrationall explanations made up thousands of years ago, before we even had proper science, atheism has the humble opinion of thinking that something we came up with before we even invented scientific methods.. maybe just isn’t right. That maybe people in the olden days actually didn’t know more and were filled with anscient wisdom, but actually didn’t have the tools to figure out things. Religion and atheism isn’t two sides of one coin. They are on completely different levels. Ok ok, I wasn’t suppose to go there. Hi, this is the longest paranthesis ever.), but I guess it is, anyway. At least right now.

Anyway. If you are going to read your way through a whole blog tonight. Read this one. Like, look at this quote:

“Lots of things have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t make them correct. What’s he going to do next, sacrifice a goat, do a magic dance around the patient, and make her drink a potion made from mouse dung and boiled roots? People did that kind of thing for thousands of years, too.”

This was written about someone performing cupping, no Fisk, thats not putting a hand around a breast. It’s cupping as in putting a heated cup on someones skin to isolate muscles and other thingies and has no effect what so ever. I really would like to see a tv-show (as this actually was about) where they would sacrifice a goat. “Mary has some trouble with her back, Dr Smith will now sacrifice a goat and drink it’s blood wearing it’s testicles on it’s head. This is an anscient and well tested method, that was proven very effective amongst the nomad tribes of Djelibeybi…. ”

And when you are finished with that, read this. Especially if you are a christian. And you know, that “I don’t care what you say, I still believe there is a God, because I can feel it!” isn’t actually a functional argument. Go back to kindergarden and try again, ok?


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§ 2 Responses to Oh oh oh!

  • chris says:

    Can a person be a,”free thinker” and believe in God?, or do I have to think like you do?

    • scylla says:

      Hard question- I’d say yes, a person can be a free thinker and believe in God, in terms of: There is people who consider themself just that. You don’t have to think like I do, at all. I assume that you yourself think that you are a freethinker who believes in god. Yey. Which means you have a scientific base for most things in your life, but still embrace one of the most unscientific things there is.. Sort of going against the whole concept.
      Now, my question is: Can a person be capable of rational thoughts and logical conclusions and still defend the completely irrational concept of God? Yes they can! And that makes my heart cry.
      You can be all sorts of things and still be religious. And that makes me suicidal.
      So I suppose you can be a freethinker and still believe in God, it just doesn’t make you a very smart freethinker.

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