First try

January 11, 2009 § Leave a comment

1-3 testing.

Did you know that the hard core homophobic rastas don’t say 1-2-3 testing any more, since 2 is connected to nbr 2, which could mean anal sex. I wonder how math class works.
“So, peter, can you tell us what this is?”
“Eh, 5 – 3 is 1 and 1 together.”

For some reason I seem to have started hangin out with people who likes to flaunt their stupidity (christians) lately. I find it seriously freaky, people with otherwhise big hearts and functioning brains, suddenly turns up to believe in supernatural occurences with the comment of “there are somethings that we just can’t explain with science.”. Ok, first of all: yes we can. And second: That science might not know exactly why hypnapomp hallucinations look or feel like they do, that doesn’t mean that your little theory about fairies trying to kill you in your sleep is correct.

Just because science can’t yet show us what was before time, that doesn’t mean that there is room for a God. All it means is that we don’t know.

Now, where is the connection between this and the 1-3? Well, most of these people are rastas or similar. For me, the whole rastafarian I and I Jah bless blahblah thing was something that happened when I was 17 yrs old and smoked too much weed. Now, when grown up and hanging out at reaggeclubs, I tend to forget that there is people who takes the whole thing seriously.
It’s like Harry Potter. I mean, I like the books and all: but I tend to forget that there is heaps of people out there who thinks magic is real and uses the books to prove it. (Is there? I’m not sure, I’m assuming on the basis of the fact that people are what they are.)

Today will be one of those lovely work my ass off-days. I have a book to read by Maryse Condé, a review to write, two critiques and some stuff on Ida Börjel. Great. This is what happens when you have a crap autumn. Things pile up. Big time.
Tonight is dancing in Lund too, first time this semester. It’s good to get going again, I need to shake away that extra kilo that sneaked up on me during christmas and attached itself to my chin and thighs.


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